About Us

The Basics

GEM Resourcing is a woman-owned Disadvantaged Business Enterprise with over 20 years of experience. Global companies, including the Fortune 500, turn to GEM for the outsourcing of their hiring process and to fill permanent positions as well as supplement teams for corporate and other internal initiatives. GEM recruiters have an average of 5 years of individual experience, equating to more than 100 years of experience combined.

Our Mission

Our team members adhere to the principles inherent of loyalists—to meet and exceed their own objectives as well as support and empower co-workers to do the same. Our team is committed to representing GEM Resourcing in a positive light to candidates, clients, and the community. We strive for a work-life balance as this yields effectiveness in the workplace, which results in happier clients and overall harmony in life. The hallmarks of our team members include drive, dependability, responsiveness, imagination, and integrity. These are the traits our clients have come to expect from us, and that’s the reason they come back to us time and time again for their staffing needs.

Why GEM Succeeds

Unlike most recruiting firms, the majority of GEM recruiters have worked a minimum of 10 years within the industries they represent, across a variety of positions not solely related to recruiting. GEM also places a relentless focus on quality at every stage of our relationship with our clients and candidates. Two critical differentiators that have enabled GEM Resourcing to experience sustained growth and success, even in down markets, in the US and internationally.

How We Do It

Our recruiters know how it feels to be a candidate, and that is evident throughout the candidate services we provide. GEM recruiters take the time to understand the unique value, personality traits and specific career goals each candidate brings to the table. Doing this allows us to create a targeted, individualized approach and present roles that help achieve career goals in a complimentary cultural environment.

We take this same rigorous approach with our clients seeking talent beginning with focusing on understanding our clients’ business, culture, and specific requirements. We conduct extensive research and follow a benchmark process comprised of quality gates, performance milestones, and metrics that allows us to quickly find matches. By taking the extra time up-front, GEM Resourcing candidates and clients are assured a great fit – guaranteed!

Our reputation of service is so outstanding we have held a 98% retention rate from day one!

Our Networks

GEM complements our structured recruiting process with a unique emphasis on personal networking and relationship building- 75% of our candidates come from outside standard recruiting channels. We leverage our network of thought leaders to find talent our clients would not have access to otherwise. This dedication to relationship building enables us to fill positions quickly with the highest quality candidates.

Meet the GEM Team or view Testimonials from our clients and candidates.