Client Services

The traditional recruiting process can often feel detached, cold, and even clinical! At GEM Resourcing, our recruiters know how it feels to be a candidate because we’ve all been there, and that shows in how we both treat and work with our candidates every step of the way. Knowing how hard the job search process is, we go the extra mile (and beyond!) to reduce the stress and keep candidates moving forward &mash; and upward — in their careers.

Getting To Know You

GEM recruiters invest an extraordinary amount of time with each and every candidate. We do this in order to learn the unique value, personality traits and specific career goals each person brings to the table- because no two people truly are alike. Taking that extra time allows us to create a targeted, individualized approach and present roles that help achieve career goals in a complimentary cultural environment.

Not only do we take this rigorous approach with our placements, but we do the same with our clients seeking talent. In this way, GEM Resourcing candidates and clients are assured a great fit.

First Impressions

A great first impression, whether a resume, phone interview or first in-person meeting, is vital in today’s business world. This is why GEM provides extensive resume and cover letter guidance to all candidates in addition to interview coaching. GEM candidates feel confident they are making an outstanding first impression and clearly distinguishing themselves from the competition at each stage of the interview process.

Working For You


GEM’s candidates benefit from our significant network of companies within our core Industries of Expertise. Our clients come to us to fill positions that are not publicly posted providing candidates with access to premium, hard to find jobs, with leading companies. This is particularly relevant in the arena of Executive Placement, where the highest caliber jobs are found through personal networking- a GEM specialty!


One of GEM’s biggest differentiators is our ability to be a flexible business partner as your business experiences the peaks and valleys of business today. We place equal importance on each of our clients as well as a relentless focus on customer satisfaction, discipline around a structured recruiting process, client-customized communication and information feedback mechanisms. Combined with our always think outside the box attitude and creative solutions, GEM builds long-term, difference-making partnerships with each of our clients.

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